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Miranda Raye ~

Master Stylist, Makeup Artist, Owner

Miranda has been in the Beauty Industry since 2015. She is an Alumni graduate from Legends Academy School of Cosmetology with her Diploma in Hair Dressing and Makeup Artistry. She proudly holds Honor Awards in both studies.

She specializes in many areas including Redken color, balayage and Makeup Artistry. She is a balanced stylist with love for both cutting and coloring, as she feels the two compliment each other, and finds cutting men’s hair to be equally satisfying. 

Miranda loves to do hair and makeup for weddings, special events and runway fashion shows including Vancouver Fashion Week. The hype and excitement of these events keep her at an up to the minute level!

Miranda has a passion for teaching. She taught the Makeup Course at Legends Academy School of Cosmetology and now offers one on one private training or group training. You can also find her tutorials on her Instagram and YouTube platforms.